Maximising your video impact

Getting started and getting good

In this session Ravinol will explain how the world of online video is changing and how a combination of showcase videos and relationship videos can be used to raise funds for good causes, demonstrate impact and inspire your audience to get involved.

He will share with you:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes charities are making with video and how to overcome them.
  • His 9 top tips for consistently creating great video content
  • Professional tips on getting good sound, utilising natural light effectively and framing your shots well.
  • How to plan your videos effectively so you win before even beginning
  • How to be relaxed and natural on camera and help others to do the same

You will each get the chance to:

  • Film an interview
  • Be filmed on camera
  • Edit a simple video on your smartphone with interview, music and titles

Kontakt Mette på 26 79 20 26 for tilmelding.


Denne masterclass afholdes den 5. september kl. 10-16
på Hotel Park Inn, Engvej 171, 2300 København S