What the h... is a Donor-Journey and why should I care? 


Donor journeys are often an internal (well-intended) guessing exercise about motivation, wants, needs and pain points.

The end result?  Nothing actually changes and if it does, it delivers no measurable improvement. There’s another way. It requires understanding cause and effect, why people do what they do

In this session we’ll share the science behind relationship theory – how to measure and manage a donor relationship

And you’ll see the why and how of needing to move away from a one-size-fits all (which means nobody) to a segment based set of journeys based on their innate motivation to support – we call it Identity.

Without this insight you’ll never be at optimum, always guessing and always underperforming your true potential.

With this insight you can get on a path of sustained growth, building a business around donor understanding.


 Key Learnings

  • How to measure strength of the donor relationship
  • How to measure the quality of an experience
  • How to start with acquisition and change to business process to get the data you are missing to do journeys well – i.e. Identity and Commitment
  • How and why need to combine this data – strength of relationship and experience ratings – with behavior data to get to cause and effect understanding of the touchpoints that matter
  • What is identity and why is it the key to fundraising and segmentation
    • All the wrong ways to segment
  • Hypotheses on Identities for your organization
  • How to do proper journey mapping
  • How to do piloting in-market
  • Case studies and discussion

Speaker resume

Kevin Schulman is an academically trained social scientist with years of experience in the commercial and non-profit sector. He is the founder and Managing Partner of DonorVoice, a retention and donor experience company serving non-profits in the US, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia. Kevin has developed the Commitment Model to measure and manage the donor relationship.  His insights serve as the foundation for the number one, best-selling fundraising book, “Retention Fundraising, The New Art and Science of Keeping Your Donors for Life.”   Kevin is also the Managing Editor for the critically acclaimed, daily blog, The Agitator.

Denne masterclass afholdes den 5. september kl. 10-16

på Hotel Park Inn, Engvej 171, 2300 København S