Hosted by Bernard Ross and Omar Mahmoud

This one day masterclass will introduce you to the key ideas and principles behind the emerging sciences of BE and Neuroscience and explore how you ca apply them practically. The session is suitable for those with a  limited understand of the topic and for individuals working across fundraising, campaigning , advocacy and communications in the NGO world.

This approach is being adopted now by major agencies including UNICEF, Red Cross, MSF, Amnesty, TdH and others.

Among the modules will be:

  • The science of BE & neuromarketing
  • System One and System Two thinking
  • Heuristics that dictate how we decide
  • The impact of emotion over reason
  • Applying BE to the supporter journey
  • Building BE into fundraising & wider
  • Using BE online and face to face

As part of the day you’ll enjoy:

  • Case studies form around the world
  • Input from two leading experts
  • Exercises and activities

Plus the chance to apply the tchniques to your own work.

Masterclass participants can  also buy a signed copy of Ross and Mahmoud’s best Change for Good at a special discount price. 

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