Hosted by Eelco Keij and Liz Ngonzi

You’ve probably heard of them...The Ford foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Kellogg Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Annually, American foundations grant billions of dollars overseas. Yet, many organizations still do not know how this market works, how big it is, where potential competitors are, what the expected hurdles are and how to start entering this market.

How can your organization succeed as well?

International organizations seeking to enter the U.S. foundations market need to do so with an understanding of the legal options to do so; how to discover who among its grant-makers are most interested in funding their work; and what it takes to differentiate their organization from the 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the U.S. and other NGOs seeking to enter the U.S.
Whether you are a large or small organization, regardless of the sector you are in, this masterclass represents a great opportunity to get the inside information.

It's mostly a non-googleable world, so join in or stay in the dark!


Program for the day

 * The US foundation landscape: the numbers, market, trends, types of foundations, the
   reasons why the give, to which nonprofits they give (national/international), focusing
   on Denmark

* The fundraising process at a glance: the fundraising cycle explained

 * Digital storytelling: differentiating your organization online

 * Underused and underestimated: the power of LinkedIn for fundraising

 * What lies ahead: legal paths, administrative choices and donor obligations

 * Q&A / Wrap-up

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