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Claes byder velkommen og introducerer dagens program. Claes vil lede os trygt gennem dagen samt sikre information og flow.





Forfriskninger i foyeren

High value supporters especially want authentic, one to one, personal contact that inspires and motivates them to support a cause. They want messages targeted to them that match the way they think and feel. They want emotionally intelligent fundraisers who understand the way they make decisions.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to a systematic, flexible and powerful approach that takes you through five stages in influence. These involve the 5Ps – Passion, Proposal, Preparation, Persuasion and Persistence.

We’ll offer guidance on specific challenges: how to adopt the optimum mindset, how to decide exactly what you want from a situation, how to build rapport with ‘difficult’ people, and how to handle ‘no.’

Break-out-session 1

Break-out-session 2



David summerer op og runder af, samt ønsker alle en god og sikker tur hjem.